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Jinjiang Ruide Adhesive Products Co., Ltd.

Ruide Adhesive Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2007 and is located at No. 1, Jiayuan Road, Jinjiang Economic and Technological Development Zone. The plant area is 20,000 square meters and the annual output value exceeds 90 million. Ruide is a modern enterprise focusing on R&D, production and sales of diaper closure systems. We have the faith of honesty and integrity to provide customers with richer products and more comprehensive services.


The company continues to invest in advanced production equipment to continuously improve production efficiency and product quality. Ruide has successively developed Super-soft Magic front tape, Non-woven magic front tape, Tissue tape, etc.


As we continue to develop, the company will register patents for technologies with independent intellectual property rights, and own the trademarks "轻松典®" and "RD™".

 Its perfect ISO9001 quality management system, we have applied the modern enterprise management system, stricted production standards, increased the introduction of talents, and actively promoted the construction of talent team, meanwhile we continue to increase the investment in hardware and software, product research and development, to achieve the goal of invigorating the enterprise through science and technology and strengthening the enterprise through technology, expect to providing high-quality epidemic  products and good service. We kindly invite customer to negotiate business and develop together.

Reliable equipment strength

As a modern enterprise focusing on R & D, production and sales of diaper closure system, reed company continuously invests advanced production equipment, continuously improves production efficiency and product quality, and provides complete process improvement scheme for customers in different application fields.


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Plant area


Annual output value

Strictly control product quality

The company adopts ISO9001 quality management system and modern enterprise management system, strictly implements production standards, increases talent introduction, actively promotes talent team construction, and truly provides high-quality products and good services for customers.


The company has always been "reputation for development, quality for survival" as the purpose, constantly improve the service level, truly provide customers with quality products and good service.

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